Illustra’s Annual Report & Review: A banner year thanks to you!

December 31, 2012

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Illustra's Annual Report

When standing at the threshold of a new year, it is not the time to fret over the missed opportunities or little stumbles on the path! Yes, you have to review and assess your accomplishments in order to make adjustments, set benchmarks, and make progress. But why not boisterously celebrate what you achieved in 2012? Be proud of it and own it!

I am a big fan of reframing the negative and emphasizing the positive. To inspire you to do your own upbeat “Year in Review” I thought I’d share the highlights of the year that my husband and business partner Marc and I compiled to motivate ourselves.


I managed to play my biggest game so far by supporting 53 clients from four different continents through my various coaching programs. Many of my executive corporate coaching clients got promoted and experienced greater career success despite lackluster employment numbers in the economy! Meanwhile others who are entrepreneurial business leaders worked with me and supercharged their competitive value and income.

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Nearly 100 media outlets featured me over the past 12 months, which was a great honor and privilege. That included major ones such as the New York Daily News, US News & World Report, and the Chicago Tribune. Forbes even featured me three different times this year, and there were dozens of other online and offline magazine articles, blog posts, and radio interviews.


Meanwhile I kept my suitcase packed because I gave 17 big presentations – at large companies, leadership conferences, and various trade organizations. I got to speak in front of thousands of people, and the highlight of the year for me was being invited as the keynote speaker to legendary Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. There I addressed those who won the “Best Companies to Work for 2012” award given by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Illustra Events & Offers

In November I launched my own 1-Day event, “Leadership Skills That Will Get You Noticed & Promoted” and it received rave reviews from those in attendance! That inspired me to offer more of these in 2013, and I’ll keep you posted!

Back in February a major publishing company reached out to me with a great valentine and asked me to write a book for them about my Predictable Promotion system. I was so flattered that my website, blog, newsletter articles, and company brand attracted their attention. As you can imagine I didn’t have time this year, but I hope to take them up on the offer in 2013.

Group Program for Business Coaching Clients

February was also when I launched a new service, the “Illustra Success Circle” group coaching program. The program offers personal coaching to business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to build a multi 6-figure income and advance their careers in record time. They have the opportunity to learn from me as I continue to build my own business empire, and the collaboration is rewarding for both them and me!

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My Own Personal Development

If you know me you know that I’m a continual learner. So this past year I made time to attend two 3-day development sessions – “The Best Marketing Event Ever” and Brendon Burchard’s “World Greatest Speaker Training.”

I also volunteered at the Society of Human Resources National Conference, and was asked to be a guest blogger for the Atlanta Society of Human Resources Convention. Those two wonderful experiences helped me validate the fact that lifelong learning and continued development does pay tangible dividends. Large conventions like those are a great resource for industry insight, professional networking, and gaining new corporate and executive clients.

Website/Social Media

We had over 17,000 visits to the Illustra Consulting and Illustra Business Coaching websites this past year, too. To keep giving them free value-add we published 51 content-rich articles and more than 100 blog posts this year, distributing them worldwide. We also released my newest CD,“10 Steps to a Fast, Predictable Promotion” and people have been ordering it from all over the world. (If you’d like a copy, click here).

As a result of so much interactive contact on multiple platforms I now have almost 8,500 friends and connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, combined. (I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+). Or check out my fan pages on Facebook: Sarah Hathorn, Illustra Consulting and Illustra Business Coaching

Building my A-Team

As we closed the books on 2012, Illustra set another record in sales and profits. So in the New Year we’ll roll out a variety of new products and services to help inspire and educate you for a more successful and extraordinary life. To that end, Illustra also did its part to help boost employment in our own small but important way – adding four new and essential people to our existing team.

We had to, in order to keep up with our continued expansion which has been going gangbusters for the past couple of years! But our growth has been fueled by clients like you! Thank you from all of us for being the engine of our growing team’s success!

Looking Ahead to 2013

Did we have challenges and obstacles and some disappointments along the way? You bet we did! Those go in the rearview mirror this month, though, as we enjoy confidence, focus, and energy by acknowledging what we accomplished.

I encourage you to do the same kind of self-acknowledgment exercise. Think of it this kind of “tooting your own horn” not as bragging, but as momentum building. Doing so, with grace and gratitude, reinforces healthy self-esteem and helps you appreciate others around you who contributed to your success.

Begin the New Year asking yourself “What goes on my annual review and report list that will make me feel proud and motivate me with forward momentum into 2013?”

While everyone is tooting those little paper horns on New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to toot your own!

Tell me what you think! Post a comment below.

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