Sarah Hathorn Keynote Speaker at “Top Places To Work Event” in Pittsburgh

October 26, 2012

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Internationally acclaimed leadership development consultant and executive coach Sarah Hathorn delivered an important keynote address in Pittsburgh on October 24th. Hathorn, who is CEO of Illustra Consulting in Atlanta, spoke on the topic of ensuring active employee engagement and positive workplace morale during these uncertain times.

“My clients constantly ask me how to counteract workplace negativity,” explains Hathorn. “Today’s employees are bombarded by messages of despair and lack of hope in a prosperous future. That’s why I created my proprietary Predictable Promotion System™ for career advancement. I highlight tips and secrets from that proven system in my keynote remarks to show leaders how to generate positive, high-performance engagement.”

Here are 3 of Hathorn’s Top Tips for Creating Positive Morale:

Positivity is an Executive Decision

Positivity is a choice that leaders must make every day – and sometimes several times a day – to be successful. Companies cannot control the economy or world events. But they can proactively generate a positive culture that focuses on a solution-oriented perspective. Doing so makes employees more innovative, upbeat, engaged, and productive.

Make Everyone Vitally Important

There is a famous story that when President Kennedy toured the NASA Space Center he met a janitor. When Kennedy asked the fellow about the nature of his job the man answered, “I’m helping put a man on the moon, Mr. President.” That anecdote illustrates how every employee needs to feel like a vital team member. Share a vision of the future that helps to cultivate strong feelings of ownership amongst employees. That will inspire them to be personally motivated and passionate to contribute their best performances.

Create Learning and Development Relationships

One of the most profound ways to make a person feel valued and included is to involve them in a mentoring relationship. The ultimate goal is to have everyone in the organization involved in constant teaching and learning – either within the company or in the community the organization serves. Create as many skill-sharing opportunities as possible, and reward those who distinguish themselves. That creates hope and stimulates dreams, while also boosting the equity of human capital

“Always go out of your way to make someone else feel valuable, included, and appreciated,” adds Hathorn. “That will enrich their lives as well as yours, and is the most valuable and enduring legacy a person can leave for future generations.”

Hathorn delivered her talk during the annual cocktail reception and award ceremony for the “Top Places to Work in Pittsburgh.” This year’s highly anticipated event, hosted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, at the legendary Heinz Field.

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