Corporate Consulting

Are your future leaders unprepared to fully and immediately assume greater responsibility – representing your organization with a dynamic, multi-dimensional executive leadership presence?

Do your executives lack the practical know-how to project a persuasive but genuinely authentic leadership brand message through appearance, behavior, and communication?

To enrich your human capital and empower your succession planning strategies do you seek leading edge development initiatives tested and proven in the real world?

Illustra Consulting provides customized and interactive executive coaching, leadership development, and career acceleration expertise – as well as consultation regarding professional image, brand, and presence. Clients include public and private companies and their executives; high level entrepreneurs; women’s leadership and corporate diversity groups; and individual leaders and managers. We cater to those seeking intensive immersion programs and high-value skill and presence acquisition seminars.

The Illustra Consulting client list represents a virtual “Who’s Who” of distinguished executives and a broad cross section of companies in diverse industries. Those include, among others, Home Depot, McDonalds Corporation, General Electric, National Oil Varco, and Dixon Hughes Goodman.

  • Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM, CPBS, served for 25 years as senior level Fortune 100 executive before founding her own company, Illustra Consulting.
  • The creator of the proprietary Predictable Promotion™ System, Sarah has devoted her life to developing future leaders and building the bench and boardroom strength of organizations around the world.
  • She is an experienced consultant and seminar facilitator and an active member of NSA and Atlanta ASTD. Her insights, tips, and concepts have been recently featured in publications including Money Magazine and the New York Times.

Investment in professional leadership development generates sustainable and measurable returns. Those include improvement:

  • Brand recognition
  • Executive performance
  • Identification, retention and recruitment of top talent
  • Enhanced morale and teamwork
  • Reduced attrition
  • Increased confidence, poise, and capability throughout the organization

Illustra Consulting will partner with you and your organization to offer an entire spectrum of professional development and executive leadership seminars and programs, or we can develop a highly customized and flexible menu of specific services to suit your unique needs and objectives.

Here are a few of Illustra’s most popular seminars:

Lead by Design: Fuel your succession planning pipeline with value-adding talent

Build a human resources pipeline that is not only bright and talented but equipped, capable, and prepared to assume higher leadership responsibility on a moment’s notice.

Develop a powerful executive deck to inspire high performance teams, influence elite clientele, and command today’s most competitive global companies.

Predictable Promotion: Proven strategies and techniques for rapid career acceleration

Master a proven 10-step proprietary process for faster promotions in record time.

Successfully negotiate the new multi-directional organizational grid paradigm.

Capitalize on elusive but lucrative diagonal and lateral moves that zigzag you to the top.

Mindset Goldmine: Leveraging internal obstacles into external assets

Illuminate and eliminate the invisible blind spots that hinder leadership and impede performance and progress.

Transform setbacks, disappointments, and failures into empowering assets.

Gain a positive perspective to sustain success through mergers and downsizings.

Professional Presence: Impression management for influential leadership

Establish instant rapport with powerful first impressions and insightful perceptions.

Communicate with multi-faceted visual presence and exert influence through a personal brand that resonates with the image and brand of your organization and industry icons.

Master the five levels of business dress to project polished presence in any situation.

Charismatic Persuasion: Mastery of verbal and nonverbal messaging and communication

Leverage silently universal messaging to boost your personal brand 24/7.

Decode the nonverbal language others unknowingly convey to improve negotiation skills or become a more influential leader, motivator, and problem solver.

Subtly but effectively sell yourself up the organizational ladder for greater success.

Develop innovative speaking skills to deliver presentations with persuasive poise.

For more on Sarah’s professional presentations, keynote speaking, and seminars see Professional Speaking

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