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Executive Coaching, Image Coaching/Consulting, Professional Development

Sarah Hathorn’s proprietary Predictable Promotion™ System is specifically focused on one important objective – laying out a step-by-step strategy for nailing your next promotion and then personally guiding you to successful, dream-fulfilling results within record time. For more than 30 years she has applied her dynamic, innovative principles and techniques to get high achievers promoted fast – regardless of how fierce the competition is or how challenging the economic environment happens to be.

Acquire marketable skills for today’s international business area. Identify and cultivate internal talent to lead high performance teams for profitable results that get you noticed by senior decision makers. Move to the short list of high potentials. Rise to the top of the succession planning chart for those in line for coveted, influential positions of leadership. Distinguish yourself through a well-rounded executive presence defined by grace under pressure, an authentically charismatic personal brand, and a firm grasp of every facet of superior leadership development.

Right now companies are enthusiastically promoting people just like you and presenting them with phenomenal incentive packages. But they are also aggressively downsizing those who miss the mark, don’t make the cut, and get passed over in 2011. Don’t be left behind to wrestle with regret. Those who are proactive and invest wisely in themselves win at this game and catapult quickly to the next level. Accelerate your career, earn more money, and enjoy greater industry recognition and prestige. Lead a more financially secure, comfortable, and rewarding life – both professionally and personally – and fulfill your dreams as you simultaneously facilitate those of your family members and other loved ones.

Our most popular package. This program is custom-designed for upper level executives or high potentials who want fast career growth and tangible, exponential success that can be measured by greater income and rapid promotion.

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Designed for high achieving managers and directors, this is an intensive program for those who want to take deliberate, consistent, strategic action to upgrade their executive presence and qualify for a promotion and salary increase in record time.

Learn More about the Gold-Plus Program
Designed for the manager who is looking to quickly upgrade her or his professional presence, this package focuses on gaining the corporate image, personal brand, and executive leadership skills needed in order to enhance confidence, effectiveness, and the kind of practical value that leads to promotion up the corporate ladder.

Learn More about the Gold Program
This accelerated achievement session is designed for those highly motivated self-starters who want to advance toward promotions and salary increases as quickly as possible.

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Listen to what some people have to say about working with Sarah...

Dr. Tom Watkins
W Dental Group
San Antonio, TX

"The great insights you have given us from your years of experience in corporate America…..that's invaluable!"

Dr. Richard Dowling
Brandon Family Dental
Brandon, OR

"To my surprise is more than just image….Sarah helped me learn about communication styles that I have difficulty with and pointers on how to more effectively deal with my staff……it was transformational!"