Gold Program
Gain Visibility & Influence
Month-to-Month Program

Designed for those who want to quickly upgrade their professional presence, this package focuses on gaining the corporate or entrepreneurial image, personal brand, and dynamic executive leadership repertoire needed to immediately advance.

Learn specific steps, techniques, and strategies that will ensure you are more highly visible, uniquely valuable, and successfully competitive in your organization or industry – both now and for the sustainable future.

Find innovative ways to leverage discouraging personal evaluations or feedback critical of your leadership into a special asset to elevate you above and beyond the competition and establish you as a well-respected executive leader.

Discover proven ways to build professional rapport and convincingly sell your enhanced value to clients, bosses, or investors – while hitting higher performance metrics and leading productive teams that add net revenue to the bottom line.

Identity and acquire the skills and resources needed to quickly enhance your professional worth in today’s market, and then promote your value-added brand assets to clients, bosses, or investors.

You get 2 1-hr executive coaching calls a month with your pre-paid retainer.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

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